Hole In The Wall, original photograph copyright Karen TaylorMammoth Homeowner’s Services (MHS) offers a personal and comprehensive service tailored to your individual requirements, providing security and peace of mind while you’re away from your Mammoth home. On your return, you’ll find your house fully prepared for your arrival, so that you may relax and enjoy your vacation.

MHS can provide for virtually any need. Our basic service comprises a weekly walk-through of your house to check for plumbing, electrical or water problems; unnecessary operation of heaters, fireplace or appliances; securing doors or windows, and evaluating snow load.

Prior to your arrival, we will make sure that your walkway is shoveled; the heater is turned up; and that your water is turned on. We’ll even leave a light on for your late arrival. During your stay, we can arrange for any special needs that may arise. Following your departure, we will re-inspect your home with the weekly walk-through, usually within 24 hours of your departure.

Homeowner Services We Provide:

Property maintenance of any sort including maintenance and repairs, plumbing, electrical, appliance repair and painting. We contract the following services for our customers:

  • Maid services, carpet and window cleaning, trash removal, summer yard care and landscaping.
  • Message delivery and grocery shopping
  • Twice weekly drive-by inspection for external security check and current driveway and roof snow conditions
  • Opening of your house, (heat, water, lights) a maximum of once weekly to prepare for your arrival
  • Spring-summer exterior evaluation for any winter damage
  • Arranging for driveway, deck or roof snow removal
  • Coordination of repair services
  • Restaurant Reservations
  • Property maintenance of any sort, including plumbing, electrical, appliance repair, and painting
  • Energy conservation and freeze protection
  • …almost anything else you might want or need!

Questions? Please call us at (760) 934-4444 to discuss your requirements.